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All of the songs on this page were co-written by Liz Tansey along with other talented Canadian songwriters (and 1 American!) 

The songs have different styles and different singers but each song is crafted with care and appreciation for the right musical expression be it lyric, melody or music. 


Please listen and enjoy ..

I Want More - Kylie McCullough
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Mark Oliverius, a Nashville producer, sent me this track a few years ago.I played it for my friend, fellow singer & songwriter, Riqué Franks, who started writing lyrics and a melody for it. We finished it together and got a great young singer, Kylie McCullough, to demo it.

Little Black Dress - Dione Taylor
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I had a blast writing this song with Dione Taylor, who then recorded it on her CD, "I Love Being Here With You".

The Honey I Want - Suzie Vinnick
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Written in Nashville at The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium from an idea that Suzie Vinnick came up with, and David Leask and I helped to finish. This song won us some songwriting awards!

My Diet - Liz Tansey
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My friend, Helena Kameka, and I wrote this song one day when we were both feeling that our clothes felt a bit tight. That led us to think (and write) that perhaps we weren't the only ones who felt that way ...

Liz Tansey / Songwriter


I'm All Yours - Liz Tansey
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My buddy, George Axon & his fellow jingle writer, Ed Roth, had a track and George had written some lyrics; I combined the two

and added a melody and, voila! A song ... a hit?

Cheatin' Yourself - Suzie Vinnick
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George Axon and I wrote this song, inspired by Sara Bareilles and our friend, Suzie Vinnick did an ace job of interpreting it.

This One's For Keeps - Liz Tansey
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Another "Hit" from the pens & guitars of me and George!

You Lifted Me Up - Lorraine Lawson
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Sharon Lee Williams and I started writing this in a songwriting course we were taking. We had Céline Dion in mind but our friend, Lorraine Lawson did as good a job as Céline could have - maybe even better!

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